Awesome August!

It’s addicting – this postcard swap idea! If just sticking with the “official” sending through wasn’t enough, I just had to dip my toe into the waters of Round Robins. Oh, dear. What have I done?

There are almost endless RR groups to join – and I’ve concentrated mainly on art and women – and women in art! There’s the occasional “Weird/wacky/oddball” category that I couldn’t stay away from (as you’ll see in both my sent and received cards for August). Now I’ve got delightful friends who go by the screen names such as Nordbaer (Germany), Fisherman (UK), Seropi (Finland), Crizle & Misterteapot (Australia), Heidihi (US)…wonderful people who have fascinating interests!

But since that wasn’t enought to sate my appetite for more cards, there is RAS – Random Act of Smileness! People simply swap addresses for friends/family who may be in the need of a smile. I’m really careful about this one, but I do love sending cards to people NOT part of Postcrossing simply because they need a smile – a member’s “mum” who has MS, a friend of someone who’s “down,” someone just special to someone else and just yesterday I sent to a young man in the US who has completed Nuclear Submarine training in the Navy and is going out on his first deployment soon. God speed and watch over you, Stephen!

Yeah – it’s addicting, but in a good way.

What will September bring? Can’t wait to discover the answer!


Help the USPS – send more postcards!


~ by Wheeler on August 29, 2010.

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  1. PS – To get rid of the annoying Super Poke garbage, click on the slide, then click on the X in the upper right corner of the ad. Sorry – but it’s the “price” I pay for free slideshows! -M

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