Divine December

A year is what it is – looking back, you can’t change anything. Looking forward, you can learn from the errors you made.

It’s been an emotional year – full of events that have happened not just to me, but to family and friends. My heart aches for Jack Tomas Sanchez’s family, Jared Oakes, and others who have lost people too early in their lives. I am inspired by a friend whose young son was diagnosed with Juvenile Diabetes Type 1. They are traveling a rocky path, but manage to conquer each new obstacle. I lost my aunt.

I still miss John Lennon and cannot believe it’s been 30 years since he was murdered. With all his faults and foibles, his heart was good and his words still carry a message of hope today.

We ended with a family together, if not in the same location, in the same family heart. We are expecting a new family member just any day (in fact, she’s overdue)!

I hope your 2010 provided you with many laughs and lessons to make you a better friend, lover, spouse, parent, child, brother or sister.

When I look at the hundreds upon hundreds of postcards I’ve received, I’m just stunned. Everything from pretty to pretty weird and each one has a story. If I resolve anything, it would be to start captioning the cards again. Each sender deserves recognition. It is evident in the cards I receive that my friends take the time to look for cards that are me. They always get it right. I value their friendship.

Here’s what I received. How lucky am I?

So – goodbye, 2010.

Happy New Year to all creatures great and small!

Michelle (or Missy)

Divine December

~ by Wheeler on January 1, 2011.

2 Responses to “Divine December”

  1. Lovely post. Wishing you a very Happy New Year in 2011!

  2. Great post and you received some wonderful postcards!

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