Jetting to Afar in January!

Hi, everyone! Whew! I continue to be challenged in both my personal and my Postcrossing life! Believe it or not, most of us, especially in the round robin groups try to find a card that the receiver will like according to their online profiles. It’s always fun.

The challenge comes with special themes. There were some great ones this month – “You link to a song in YouTube and others must match a card to the song.” I got Lady Gaga for one! Similarly, there was “pick out a feeling and others must match that feeling with a card.”

Without a doubt, my favorite started in January and isn’t over yet. The devious Bear of Germany, Nordbaer, issued this challenge on the All About Women Round Robin. You take a blank card then you stamp, color, cut, paste, draw or scribble on HALF of the card. You send one card that you’ve created to each of the other group members. They complete the card and send it back to you! You’ll have to go to the my “Just Jammin’ January” post to see what I’ve sent/received so far!

Enjoy my cards traveling near and far!

Jetting off to afar in January!

~ by Wheeler on February 3, 2011.

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