Fantabulous February

I’m always so glad that February is a short month, because it is the month I dislike the most! Why? In Dallas, it usually is the coldest month and this year was no exception. Cold for Texas. If you’re reading this in Finland, Russia, Canada or the Northeastern US, then Texans enjoy nothing but a couple of brief, chilly months! February also gives us false promise that spring has arrived. Bulbs are starting to emerge, days are consistently warm then you wake up one morning and the winds are howling and the temperature has dropped 40 degrees.

That’s why I don’t like February. Never have and I don’t imagine I ever will like February! (Let’s not even talk about the made-for-the-greeting-card-companies and florists Valentine’s Day.)

This February brought me another ear surgery. (To those of you who have maybe just checked into the site for the first time, I went through treatments for cancer a couple of years ago. The combination of radiation and chemo affected my hearing dramatically.) Unfortunately, I didn’t pass the first hearing test post-surgery, but am hoping another month of healing will change that. So, it was a bit of a downer for me.

Brief comment on an article I read in our local paper. Overall, it was a funny article about words or phrases that were in and now we wish would go away. The writer asked several top executives in Dallas/Ft. Worth to name their most-hated word or phrase. One female exec said, “New Normal. How do you have an old normal? What happened to it?”

Well, Ms. Exec, let me explain. 3 years ago, it was normal for me to go out to lunch or dinner with my friends and have my favorite Mexican dishes or Italian if that was the menu. I would meet co-workers for a drink to end the day. I could hear birds and my wind chimes. After months of grueling radiation and chemotherapy, I couldn’t do those things anymore. My normal breakfast, lunch and dinner is liquid. Alcohol is out of the question as are any spices. I’ve lost a great portion of my hearing that won’t return – so when I’m walking, it is now normal that I don’t hear the birds in the spring. It’s normal that I don’t hear people well on the telephone and that work is ten times more stressful now. THAT, Ms. Executive is how you lose your “old normal.” I really am not whining – my life is what it is. She just stepped on a nerve – hard!

The bright side of February was the start of US college baseball season. My nephew’s wife’s son, Korey, is playing varsity baseball for the University of Maryland. Go Terrapins (Terps)! Korey is the kid you dream about having. Funny, personality spilling out like sunshine, respectful of everyone and a perfect role model for his younger cousins. His team played the University of Texas in Austin and we all got to see him play. There were at least 25 of us cheering for him. He had some great plays and a few bad moments, but we were so proud. We have a new saying in the family now, “FEAR THE TURTLE.” I hope he’s able to continue pursuing his dream.

My work mailbox had the March edition of the US magazine, Lucky. While flipping through the pages, I ran across an advertisement for a sweepstakes. The main prize was a designer dress that was representative of the trend of this year’s fashion. It sells for $950 American dollars. I’m going to show you a picture and then I want you to tell me – does this not look like something taken from grandma’s attic – perhaps a child’s dress from the 1940s? What do you think? I fear for fashion trends…

Mar 6, 2011

Even on the coldest days – the days we were home because the ice and snow made our road impassable – my mailbox was full of warm wishes from all over the world. Now THAT will make even February a good month! I got such wonderful, beautiful, funny, cute cards! If you read last month’s post, you know we had a creative challenge within a group where you create one-half of a card and send it to another person who then completes the card. It was amazing to see the artistry and humor. It was so successful that we immediately started another group! Once again I got cards ranging from silly to sublime, classic to abstract, black and white to explosions of color. I never, ever cease to be amazed that I very rarely get duplicate cards.

I guess I have to admit it. February was actually fantabulous! (No, that’s not really a word except in my world!)

Hope you enjoy the world tour. Hope something or someone brings you moments of bright sunshine to your soul.

Hugs, everyone!

Fantabulous February 2011

~ by Wheeler on March 7, 2011.

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