My April – Storms, Winds, Bittersweet

In Texas we are used to blustery days, sudden storms and tornado watches – but this year has been a bit more blustery, stormy and much more keeping an eye on those clouds.

April brought some bad news for friends and my heart aches for them. A friend’s brother receives the diagnosis that no one wants to hear – advanced pancreas/liver cancer. It’s a hard road she has to travel and I love her strength and hope she knows that not only I, but every person who knows and loves her stands ready with a firm shoulder upon which she can lean.

Another dear friend continues to struggle with her youngest son’s Juvenile Diabetes (Type 1). What a rotten thing for someone just going into his teen years to have. They just had a pump implanted and it’s going to be great, but the first month is very tense and very tiring with 24-hour monitoring of his levels. We joke with her that it is like have a newborn, but we all know this isn’t a laughing matter.

April brought devastating tornadoes to so many people in the southern region of the US. Hundreds were killed and thousands lost everything. Their courage has been mighty and their sorrow shared by everyone.

Everything that’s happened has made me more grateful to be able to come home and find a bit of magic in my mailbox every night. I’ve received great cards. From laugh-out-loud, to the cards that make you gasp because it is so beautiful, to the cards that make you think. I got one that has a wonderful Camus quote about country and justice. Something that made me reflect upon how divided and angry my country is right now.

But! That’s as far into politics as I dare venture! Not my thing to argue and doesn’t really fit with postcards – at least not the ones I receive. And those are just a click away.

Hugs to everyone!

Excitement in April!

~ by Wheeler on May 1, 2011.

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