Kittens are cute, cuddly and a handful!

I have been looking after four adorable kittens that a stray cat who visits daily decided to bring to me. They’re about 7-8 weeks now and I am hopelessly smitten.

There is Sassy, Lady Gaga, Shy, and Java. They each have developed their own personality – and Lady Gaga is the definite leader of the littter! But today, I took Shy and Java to meet their new mom.

I really liked her (after some trepidation – but she was recommended by my vet). She was an older lady who is, let’s say eccentric. I’ve decided you can definitely tell when someone is eccentric (usually my favorite kind of person) by their hats. Just the fact that they wear hats is one clue, but when the hat is a fedora – well, I just automatically like that person.

Another clue that they were going to a good home was the fact that new mom Sharon’s friends gave her a kitten shower! She showed me pictures of “their room.” It was kitten paradise! Every kind of toy, pillow, tower, scratching post there is – all theirs! I felt guilty when I came home to Sassy and Lady Gaga who are still taking my car’s place in the garage.

Even though I’m very happy with the new home, I still cried when I got back in the car with an empty kennel. Right now, the others just don’t know at all what has happened!! They need more play time this weekend.

Lady Gaga also has a new family waiting for her. My niece is going to take her and she and her daughter are pretty excited. The catch is that she’s moving in late June, so I’m keeping Lady until the move is done. Now, can you say, “Attached?” She may have some wrestling to do to claim her.

Lady Gaga gets her name because from the day they started teetering on unsteady legs, she has stood out. She’s the most curious, the friendliest and absolutely fearless. Pure entertainment.

I’m debating keeping Sassy. She’s adorable, but I have two cats and one is an older (old in cat years) who is so set in her ways. Emily will freak. I’m also not sure I really want a kitten. Yes, they are heart-meltingly adorable. Then I remember that they are always up around 3:00 a.m. and want your attention then! They climb anything – including your legs with tiny needle sharp claws and they get into EVERYTHING.

So, do I endure it or find someone who will give her a good home. I’ll probably post something at work (we have a virtual bulletin board). My vet knows I still have one. In the meantime, she and her sister are my babies and I will enjoy!

Here are a few pics. Want to sign off and leave you with a smile!

Wishing you laughter,


~ by Wheeler on May 28, 2011.

4 Responses to “Kittens are cute, cuddly and a handful!”

  1. The kitties are so cute (they always are when young) then they grow up to be terrorists in fur! My 4 are all elderly citizens now…Roi my oldest is 18. They all have had good, loving lives. They’ve all have taken many airplane rides; sailed with me on my sailboat, chased after butterflies and fireflies in the garden (They have also wrecked one sofa, coffee table and wing chair). They are great companions and I’d be lost without them. They were all adopted thru the Animal Rescue League. Keep the kitten Michelle. 🙂
    Kindest regards.

  2. Mine are rescues, too. How do you think your “elders” would react to a little ball of fur energy? My Emily is 16 and has hip problems. She also thinks I exist to please her and barely tolerates her companion of 8 years! I just don’t know…I will definitely try slowly introducing them.

  3. Loved this post. I thought they might be hard to part with – but glad you liked their new home.

    I, too, think you should keep Sassy. She’s so cute!!!!

  4. they are too cute! love the names.

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