My Magnificent May!

May was a difficult month. My good friend and co-worker’s brother died after being diagnosed with cancer only 28 days earlier. That’s not even enough time for her to process the fact he HAD cancer. She’s a wonderful woman who is one of the strongest I know. Life’s handed her many challenges and she’s met them with grace and a strength I don’t think she knows she has. Many loving thoughts to you, Allyson.

Other friends are struggling with children’s conditions that is their life’s path. It is amazing how many strong women I know. My family is full of them and so is my work life. I know of women on Postcrossing who are dealing with their own challenges with quiet determination. How I love them all.

And then there is my dear friend, Aurora, who is coping with planning her daughter’s wedding. She’s getting to the last month – and that’s never fun. Tensions run higher and higher as the big day approaches. But she will never have a prouder moment than the first sight she sees of beautiful Carmen coming down the aisle – in the PERFECT SHOES!!

As I’ve already posted, two kittens have new homes. I added some photos to the “Kittens!” link. I took the other two to my vet (another great woman in my life) and they passed all their tests with flying colors! However, when I went to pick them up, she said, “Umm…Michelle? Lady Gaga? It’s really Lord Gaga!” I couldn’t tell – he/she is so tiny and completely dark brown/black that I wasn’t sure! Fortunately, I don’t think that matters to my niece, Lisa. She and her daughter, Lilah, and I hope her son, Gavin, will love him.

Today is a big day for us. Instead of communing with you, I should be finishing preparations to bring Sassy and M’Lord inside. They will be quarantined in the guest bath where I HOPE I can ease them into the introduction with two very set-in-their ways older cats. Much older cats. This is not going to be fun. They also get baths – several of them over the next couple of weeks. Many good times in store.

So – I escape into the world of cards and what a world it was in May. I’ll let them tell their own stories!

Hugs with laughter to you!

My Magnificent May

~ by Wheeler on June 5, 2011.

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