Jumpin’ Junipers – June’s Journey

It’s over? Wasn’t June just bustin’ out? Too fast…everything is just too fast!

Today is July 4 and is the day we celebrate as Independence Day – so “HAPPY BIRTHDAY, USA!” Still lots of fighting for several years after 1776!

In Texas, we’re going into our “warm weather” season – which means when you step outside, you are instantly roasted, toasted, charred and well done! I, personally, am someone who runs “frozen” all of the time, so it’s a relief for me to exit a building that is so cold you can store ice into the intense warmth. I view this time as the price we pay for mild winters. A few snowfalls, but it’s always warming back up in days, not months! I’m not one who could ever cope with Massachusetts, let alone Finland or Russia.

Postcards in June were plentiful, funny, naughty, amazing and loved. I get excited that in one day I can find a card showing me a cathedral built in the 11th Century, a classic Impressionist painting, an aborigine, a cat and a vintage hotel! It’s the breadth of subjects I receive that make it so much fun.

Postcrossers are funny addicts. People love such different things! They ask for snakes, spiders, cemeteries, buses, monarchies (me), lizards, windows, narrow streets, Harry Potter, Clark Gable, Elvis, Sinatra, non-tourist Paris, Limon, Art Nouvelles, Art Nouveau, Art Deco, fairies, demons…the list is absolutely endless. Love black and white, hate black and white…love Christmas, don’t you dare send me Christmas…vintage, don’t send those smelly old cards. It’s a challenge.

Then there are the people I call “Favoriteers.” On Postcrossing’s home page there is a constantly-updating photo stream of cards that people scanned and uploaded to the site. You can create a list of your favorites by a simple click of a button. One day, I noticed that one person in particular “favorited” my cards a LOT. I finally got curious and checked her profile. She has clicked that button over 130,000 yes, one hundred thirty thousand times!! Why? How do you develop some sort of weird psyche that compels you to amass this virtual pile of postcards??

Canada’s mail system was slowed then halted by a strike. It was sad to read that so many people don’t understand why post offices even need to exist any longer. Their attitudes all run in the same direction…I bank online, chat online, send eCards, shop online, why on earth do we need the post office anymore?

To me, it is so sad that the lovely art of taking time from your day to sit down and compose a thank you note or a brief “just checking on you” letter is not a concept many youths can even comprehend. Yes, I also bank online, shop online and send the occasional card online, but as long as I can write, I will always love going to the local Hallmark store and browsing through hundreds of cards until I find just the perfect card for someone who is celebrating a special time in their life or needs a reminder that they are special. Jotting a note or deciding whether the Renoir or Warhol card is best for someone is personal contact. But our road seems to be leading to as little personal contact as possible.

I’m sorry that so many people don’t know or value the warmth and humor of finding an envelope or postcard in the mailbox and reading the thoughts of someone who cares enough about you to take the time to share their feelings with you or recognizing the extra effort and time that someone expends to personally say to you, “You’re important to me.” Point and click is fine for virtually no-thought-required e-cards, but as Hallmark used to say, “Show you care.”

I’ve found people across the oceans that let you into their homes for a glimpse at places far from Dallas, Texas. They write touching notes, expand your knowledge of cultures and make you realize that the pen does indeed still wield much power. You come to understand that humor is truly universal.

Someone once told me that the decline of actual neighborhood communities started with the installation of air conditioning units. Whereas there was a time people came out of their stuffy houses to sit on the porch and talk with the folks next door, we have arrived at a place where, “I don’t know who lives there,” is the norm. I’m guilty of that. My brother and sister-in-law know all of their neighbors and it amazes me. I will say I do know my next-door neighbors and their guinea pigs since we trade off pet watching duties if planning a trip. I miss their iguana, though. I don’t miss the aquarium full of scorpions. They have cute kid whose hair is bright green for the summer. Going green has a new twist.

So, my friends, I’ll sign off this electronic rambling and hope you find something you fave in the joys of my June!

Here’s a thought for you before I go.

“You will do foolish things, but do them with enthusiasm.”
Sidonie Gabrielle Colette

Here’s to foolish things,


June Sunshine in my Mailbox

~ by Wheeler on July 4, 2011.

3 Responses to “Jumpin’ Junipers – June’s Journey”

  1. marijuana girl? ok……..the cat people from germany are kinda creepy – and i see you got a new Inge Look!

  2. give me your address, i’ll be delighted to send you a copy.
    just remind me you want the insane asylum piece (actually 2 photos you have to put next to each other.

    my current work is a triptych photo, inspired by these halved ones!

    also, i’ve begun a google group for free art i would be happy to invite you to. our goal is to redefine art in a digital age, and you can see our blog and what we’re up to by following the link below!

  3. email is on its way – I’m seriously excited by your work. and will be a faithful follower!

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