My mailman carried off lots of cards in June!

I keep telling myself that I’m going to cut way back on cards. My budget truly demands that I do so.

I tried…and pretty much failed. So here’s a bit of what I sent during June. I say a “bit” because I don’t scan cards I’ve already showed you. How many times do you want to see the skyline or Big Tex??

It is so amusing to see thoughts “lost in translation” on the Postcrossing forums. You know what they meant to say, but like many of our Presidents have discovered, it didn’t exactly translate the way they expected! I will give them the HUGE credit that is due – almost everyone on the forum knows enough English to get by and most are very fluent. I’m learning some bits of lots of languages. But I’m sad that our education system ignores the tremendous advantage you have in the world if you speak multiple languages.

There are also some very witty people and I’m so lucky to know so many of them. The volleying of barbs and innuendos provides many laugh out loud moments!

Here a just a few of my favorites…every single one is cut and pasted from a forum posting with no editing by me, myself or I. Some of them are mine…some of them I hope don’t offend…identities are hidden to protect the dignity of those who provided such moments.
sent me a nice and cosy smoking moment, wouldn’t mind that myself either.

Could you write it a bit more bigger, I’m not sure what it says.

Wow, Michelle, that’s really BIG and dark… if you need to talk to Lucy, I’ll lend you a nickel

We just can’t tell his wife…

That is his problem, isn’t it?

a renaissance goddess of flowers and boobies – thank you!

Gorgeous but naughty lady left behind

“She’s got legs,” and I’m sure she knows how to use them.

I received a very beautiful woman from Andy, a reading woman from Saskia, and a dead woman from Shalotka

I am such an idiot but I am really not convinced that everybody knows it so here is my way to tell it to the world.

Sorry that I can’t reply to the u2us. It’s full, and I haven’t deleted messages yet.

Very nice pigs. Thanks!!!

The blue -tougued lizard is so special

Yum. I love pea soup!

And laughed hysterically at the picture of the man in arkanasa and his ass in texas.

hrmm that ass card looks like one i just sent to someone

I can’t think of anything more beautiful than a cow.

***** And my favorite “thank you:”****

Today I received two animal farm photos from mary. Wonderfully! I like cows! And a proudly cock.

Is it any wonder I find this alternate world so fascinating?

Until next month… Dank schön, dank u, kiitos, obrigado, gracias, mérci, grazie, Makasih, Domo arigato, Terima kasih, спасибо, mulţumesc, Дзякуй, děkuji, Go raibh maith agat, Hvala, teşekkür ederim –

Thank you for dropping by and here’s a hug to take home with you! Leave a note if you’d like!

June Cards to Friends Old and New!

~ by Wheeler on July 4, 2011.

2 Responses to “My mailman carried off lots of cards in June!”

  1. Those are hilarious!!

  2. I love postcrossing! I learn also a lots of other culture and countries. AND I can improve my English. Greetings from Daina

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