All Over October!

I was thinking about giving up this blog this month. Didn’t think anyone read it, must less found it interesting. Then I got a message from a dear Postcrossing member who is very ill and finishing up her last chemo. She said she’d had a pretty rough day, but she read my blog and it made her laugh. I can’t give her much – she’s far across the oceans, but if I can make her laugh, then that is why I keep writing.

Note to cancer cells: I hate you with all my being. You have taken too many of my friends, family and friends’ family members and I don’t want you to have any more of them. I pray every day that researchers find as good treatments for all cancers as they have for breast cancer. Stay away from my friends.

On to lighter, useless rambling about being a round robin host for postcard groups. Last month I showed you some of the funny comments I see on the Postcrossing forums. While I was editing one of my groups I looked at my shorthand for updating groups and realized it’s amusing to see the fantastic screen names – and how some of them combine on my notes!


206 Totally_awesom_E

367 I_Ride_a_Suzuki, Baer


159 Puce got Baer

175 alinas got Sophie54

179 heatherc got Neko_0

188 blondinka_n got Sophie54 & Belle

188 Funny Duck got Sophie 54

191 Lapy got dangerouse

195 Puce got wintry

196 Deity got Kelchkoenign

198 if0815 got gerco2

199 emotis got duplevista

199 ciprian.olaru got duplevista; emotis and sent 31.10.11

200 dog got baer

200 mom2hans got bellesouth

203 gemeilang got duweiching

200 Belle sent all 29.11.11; Rec. Monkey, nika_bp, lief-draakje

200 Neitel got mom, dog

200 dog got seropi, myztary, chrissybaby

201 phuleshouse got me

204 MM send 6.11.11

207 lief got Belle

209 barbra 0527 got viviwei

Maybe my “shorthand” is the reason why I’m constantly correcting my posts! It’s weird feeling like you’re the Lucy Ricardo of round robins!


I was looking at different posts and realize we have a very subtle “rating” system on cards we receive! Now a lot of people may not speak English all that well, or they are people of few words, and they will simply say, “I received JaneDoe.” It’s those of us who use the dreaded smilies to register our level of enjoyment for our version of “Like.” (I’m guilty – I admit it.)

Card rating examples:

There’s the “thanks for sending something.” (OK but not smiley-worthy.)

And then the “it’s nice.” 

The simple smiley face. I remember a teacher telling our writing class once that “nice” was the epitome of “boring.”   But the more nice smilies you give, the better you feel about the card.

You’re doing much better with the “This one really made me smile – like it very much” smiley
The simple smiley only with a big, teeth-showing grin.

Sometimes you get the even more special smiley – “the heart smiley” – they LOVED this one! 
A yellow circle base, but a red heart inside circle. 

Then there’s the double-LOL – “it was a very, very funny card” smiley!
Smiley grinning with tongue hanging out laughing

The ultimate is the animated “kiss smiley”, which I am occasionally happy to get!  It’s a smiley that start with a smile and changes to a smoochy face!

In the end, we all really love nearly 100% of everything we get – some just rate the little gold star like the ones my piano teacher used to put on my sheet music when I learned a new piece! I would say the majority who post receipts don’t read anything into smilies/emoticons. I do lean toward being a bit on the “conspiracy theory” side – but not paranoia!


People who are new to the group amuse me or make me heave a really big sigh. I wonder how bad I sounded when I started round robins. (I know one host who was ready to throttle me.)

I have to remember that my sarcastic self cannot come through when dealing with new members. But sometimes…

I get a question like this one. Keep in mind that to get to the point that they send me a message, they have at least gone to the forum where on page 1, all of the guidelines for the RR are listed. This is the most FAQ and I just bang my head on the keyboard when I see it,

“Hi I’ve only done 1 RR before, but I’d like to do this one too, how do I join? My name and address are”

“Dear newbie: Go back to page 1 and read it. Thank you.”

Can’t say that, though. I was new once and I still make really silly mistakes, so I wish that imp in my ear would just go away!


I sometimes think I’ve given up some of the freedom of simply sending cards by hosting a group. The laughs, sighs and *X$&s that I get from the round robins is why I do it, though. It is just so much dang fun!

The cards I received in October were “kiss smiley” worthy – take a look. The album cover card is from my precious Baer in Germany. It is one of my all-time favorites. Double kisses on that one, Baer!

Please explore and enjoy. Until next month, I send you hugs and laughter.


October Overtures
And they’re off in October

~ by Wheeler on November 7, 2011.

7 Responses to “All Over October!”

  1. Hi Michelle:

    I read your blog! I just received 2 souvenir sheets of the official “Postcrossing” stamps issued by the Netherlands. They are are sweet.
    Be well.
    Kindest regards,

  2. I read your blog, dear Michelle. Didn’t quite finish it yet, but it goes great with a cup of hot tea when I just want to relax and have a smile with a friend. Please don’t close it. Whenever you feel like writing here, I’ll be reading 🙂

    Hugs to you

  3. You got some great postcards!! Those who participate in round robins always do….if you quit writing i’d never get to see them…..

  4. I just found your blog, Michelle! Don’t quit writing – I just found you! 🙂

  5. Thanks, everyone. I appreciate your support!

  6. I had NO IDEA that smileys connote how awesome a card is. Really! I abuse enough smileys as it is… but maybe I should use more? 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 <—– those are for you!

    • LOL – I think I offended a few with that. I didn’t mean to, it was all in fun. But you and I both love our “moties”!

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