Wrapping Up November and other things…

In our family, today is when we answer the phone, “Merry Christmas Eve Eve!” It’s a day I traditionally spend sitting on the floor, wrapping presents and listening to music. It will be no different this evening.

There are probably thousands of blogs that will explore the meaning of Christmas, but I think I will simply give you the gift of what I consider the most beautiful song ever written.

The best gifts of the season are not wrapped, don’t have bows and don’t cost a penny. The gifts of love and friendship should be treasured every day. May you celebrate with love – however and whatever you celebrate.

I hope you enjoy the cards I sent (November’s Notes) and received (November’s Bounty of Beauty).


November Notes by Postcards

November's Bounty of Beauty

~ by Wheeler on December 23, 2011.

2 Responses to “Wrapping Up November and other things…”

  1. I love the snow falling on the screen. And, as always, your posts are so well written and enjoyable to read, whatever the subject matter may be.
    Every time I click to see your incoming and outgoing cards, I feel like I am missing out big time by not participating in RRs and such. Maybe some day.

    • You should join one RR to test the waters – it can be so much fun! Thank you for reading my little bits of sharing and I hope you have a fantastic 2012!

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