One down…eleven to go

Mindless Reflection –
Saying goodbye to the first month of the year – it’s OK with me, it wasn’t too great. I am glad to see January go. I really figured that by this time in my life, I would have learned the basic rules of friendship…but sometimes you just get reminded and the reminder usually isn’t pleasant. This month, I was reminded that the old childhood saying, “Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words can never hurt me,” is the biggest falsehood you learn. You usually realize that fact when you’re about, oh, let’s say four years old. But you can forget, as I did. Words can hurt. They can never be deleted or edited. You can’t pull them from the air. The trust is gone and although a civility takes the spot where feelings once resided, you can never backspace and undo it. To paraphrase Elton John, “Sorry seems to be the saddest word.”

On to fun things.

I enjoy the Chinese Zodiac – and love that this is “Year of the Dragon” because that is the sign I was born under. Have you ever wondered what your sign is? Check out this nifty chart.

The Asian characters in the New Year’s parades are so beautiful and frightening! Dallas isn’t exactly the hotbed for Chinese or other Asian cultural activities, so I can only image the celebrations in New York and San Francisco. Actually, the nearest thing to a cultural activity we have is the State Fair and its uncultured “Texas” feel. Oh, we have opera and symphony and a few really good museums…but there is that old cliché – you can dress a monkey up…

The kitten is now a teenager and I adore her even though I can’t find one of my bracelets. I’m sure it will show up – and why she picked the one she did will forever remain a mystery. She has quit darting into the refrigerator every time I opened the door. That’s a win for me, or maybe not. She probably just got bored with the game and my wishes had nothing to do with it! We have other games to take the place of “what’s in the fridge?” Usually something along the lines of, “Let’s see if I can get mom’s fingers to stop moving on that board…” Cats are amazing. If you try to take some time to pet them, talk to them or otherwise give them your full attention, they will snub you (if no treat is involved). BUT! If you like to read, complete crossword puzzles or type on your computer, they immediately resent the time you aren’t spending with them and climb on the book or paper or walk on the keyboard. I once read a quote that noted, “At one time in history, the Egyptian Pharaohs considered cats as gods. Cats have never forgotten this.”

My time spent on the round robins keeps growing with the groups! I was looking through the posts and happened to think, “If someone just started reading these and didn’t know what we are talking about, it could be rather comical.” It can also be very educational as people explain to you the history what some cards depict. Here are some examples – and I will admit that a few are mine!

• Received woman and spaghetti
• thanks a lot for this veggie card! I fall in love
• thank you so much for the Mice on Main card
• Becak drivers watching football free of charge… How funny is that
• Love the cheese card… how awesome is it to have a cathedral made from cheese?
• she thinks one might be a view card. Well it is a view, but not technically a view card!
• I did say a while ago I got some new and exciting cards to send.
• Well I hope to see that and impress you too!
• Love the oranges in postbox!
• a magnificent postcard depicting Rita Hayworths grave stone
• Þëÿ, ñïàñèáî îãðîìíîå! Îáîæàþ ðåòðî, à îá îòêðûòêàõ èç ýòîé ñåðèè (áóêëåòû îò Âàñèëüåâà) äàâíî ìå÷òàþ
• thank you for the cool card with lots of portraits of men. You sent me before the same type card with women, so now I have a pair for that one, cool !
• my cards are on the way. I just hope they are strange enough, or I have to resend.
• [we] share the hippo-like feeling after the Christmas holidays
• sent a funny scene from a sausage eating contest!
• it is a Serbian performance artist Marina Abramović. About those vases she said in one interview: “We built two vases, The Sun and The Moon. One vase absorbs the light and the other reflects the light and they’re exactly the size of our bodies…. We became objects.”
• great wedding-picture, thanks
• Dominick got married?????
• Oh dear… I think that the combination of me and marriage is very scary.
• oh yes to be young again but how about someone at any age just to show some passion

The cards flow in and out of the mailbox…the fun is wondering if you’re going to be enchanted or embarrassed that your mailman saw it!!

Enjoy – and Happy Valentine’s Day for those who have that special person in your life.

January Arrivals
Just left Dallas

~ by Wheeler on January 31, 2012.

2 Responses to “One down…eleven to go”

  1. you get the best cards – but that is because you SEND the best cards 🙂

  2. Oh Michelle…your words really hit home about “sticks & stones”. Words can devastate and I often wish people would THINK before they spoke, as well, I often wish the smallest of cultural differences were taken into account.

    It’s really quite a feat 10 million postcards….and it nice to know that we were part of it! 🙂

    I hope your February is filled with Valentines, sweet kisses, smiles and many hugs.

    Kindest regards.

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