Where did March go?

We’re way past the end of March and I’m wondering just how that came to happen. I know that my niece’s daughter’s birthday flew right by me as my taxes almost did! How do you not send an adorable, blue-eyed blonde her present on time??

After an uneventful winter in North Texas, spring arrived with its full range of weather phenomena. One week the temperature is warm enough to wear shorts and a t-shirt. Immediately after you’ve taken the blankets off the bed, temps fall to point that you go find those blankets and put them on the bed again. Repeat those steps in another 4 or 5 days. Then the rains came. I must stop here and say it would be absolutely sinful to complain about rain this year having endured one of our worst droughts in history last year. So we welcomed the rain – day after day. Then the rain morphed into thunderstorms with their magical lightening show and deafening thunderclaps (even to me).

And then we had the biggest, most feared event – tornadoes. Not one, but over 17 in the area of Texas in which I live. One caused our warning sirens to go off and radar showed it was very close to my neighborhood. In fact, the forecasters were saying it was headed right to my neighborhood. What do you do? Well, you don’t stand there watching TV! You grab the animals, a flashlight, cell phone, pillows and laptop/notebook (a new addition to emergency preparedness list) and find an inner room with no windows. In my case, that’s the closet in the master bedroom.

Cats do not like storms and especially hate your trying to get them in a little room when they are already terrified – so they decided to take their chances under the bed. Except the youngest. Sassy thought it was GREAT fun to play with mom for about an hour in the closet. Sitting in a closet wondering if your house is going to appear in the remake of “Wizard of Oz” can be very boring after a while. I was looking at the state of this little room and noticed there were heavy items looming above my head on shelves. Not good if the roof blows to parts of Texas unknown. So I take these items down and just toss them into the bedroom. Then my bedroom looked like it had already taken the brunt of the storm!

After the sirens stopped, I came out of the closet (I just had to say it), only to head back in about a half hour later because another tornado was coming at us from the opposite direction. Over the course of the day, many small communities were devastated – homes completely destroyed. Amazingly and miraculously, no one lost their life. Sassy was disappointed to leave the closet. I was not happy to put all that stuff back on the shelf. But I was aware of how very, very lucky I was that my biggest problem of the day was stowing away luggage in the closet. It was a very somber Easter for too many people.

That’s life in what is known as “Tornado Alley.” TA covers a large portion of Middle America, but tornadoes happen anywhere. We will stay on alert until late summer. Tornadoes are to us what earthquakes are to California. You know it can happen, but you just don’t dwell on it.

In between ducking the hail and tornadoes, I’ve actually done a bit of landscaping to the front yard. I used to love to garden, but lost the passion a few years ago. A friend just couldn’t stand that my planter boxes were totally empty except for a few dying strings of what was once English ivy. As a Christmas present, she came over and prepped the boxes and brought some beautiful plants. Once she finished her part, I just had to finish the rest of it! I think my neighbors believe someone new moved into the house. Now comes the hard part – keeping the darn things alive.

I have this overwhelming feeling that my summer is going to be just two things – postcards and plants! Until late August, anyway. Canada, here we come! My sister-in-law and I are going on a train/coach tour for about 10 days to some of the most beautiful country anywhere. We fly to Calgary then head west to Vancouver. She’s going to have a serious battle getting me back on a plane to Texas. I do feel sorry for her!

March brought wonderful cards and greetings from all over the globe – from friends and new acquaintances. It’s so hard to pick one for the album cover, but this month was easy. Ironically, I’m reading a fabulous biography about John Lennon and received a super, super card of him in the mail which graces my “Received” album cover. The book is Lennon: The Man, the Myth, the Music – The Definitive Life by Tim Riley. It’s an amazing study of what made John who he became. He was definitely a flawed man, but who of us isn’t, in reality?

I seem to be in a “Lennon Zone.” One day I was zipping through the flotsam that is Yahoo home page and glanced at the “Trending” area. Julian Lennon’s name was there. Why would he be trending? So I bit and clicked on it. I then went down an unknown path to his work, his philanthropy and his life. I learned exactly where the idea for the song “Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds” originated. Not LSD as we all believed in “the day,” but a first-crush that Julian had on a little girl named Lucy. He told his dad about her and a song was born. She was always his first love and he never forgot her even though their lives went in different directions. When he learned she was struggling with Lupus, they became close again. When she died, he and another one of her friends, wrote a wonderful song and started a foundation for sufferers of Lupus. Who knew how Julian had turned out? More like his dad than you think. So, of course I downloaded his latest album, “Everything Changes.” I like it – there is much to remind you of John and much that is strictly Julian.

There are my book and album recommendations for the day. Probably not what you expected when you took a look at my little blog, but I enjoyed sharing with you!

I hope you enjoy the cards – there’s something that going to catch your eye and make you say, “I wish I’d get one like that.” I just know it!


March Marvels
Marching Out of the House!

~ by Wheeler on April 17, 2012.

2 Responses to “Where did March go?”

  1. Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, today is a gift, that’s why we call it “present.” So true , dear Michelle!

  2. Another well written and enjoyable post to read. As for all of your March cards, yes, you’re right, there are a lot of them that I’d love to see show up in my mailbox! 🙂

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