May went where??

So many happenings in May that it flew by and seems like it was last year!

In my postcard world there was a lot of work and some fun, too! My good friend Aurora (and person responsible for my addiction) and I went to a postcard and vintage exhibit/sale. It was a postcardholic’s dream. Tables everywhere all full to the edges with boxes and boxes of older and vintage postcards and magazines. Just as responsible gamblers do, I took only a certain amount of cash and went through it in about an hour.

There was not a topic that wasn’t somewhere on those tables. I did learn that the next time we go (in the fall), I must start with the tables that all cards are only 10 cents or a quarter. One of those sellers told us he had sold 900 cards to ONE PERSON earlier. Not a typo. Two zeros after the 9. I felt much better about my spending after that! He had some terrific early Coca Cola cards. My, my – Coke certainly was a little sexier in their advertising earlier in their corporate history – of course this card was intended for international advertising. That’s still true today for almost all US corporations – especially fragrance and fashion.

Coca Cola ca. 1950

By the way, for you postcard enthusiasts, what do you think of this possible card?

Potential postcard?

The story is pretty strange. That is one of multiple photos I took of the Venice Carnival mural that my parents had painted on the living room wall when they built the house over 50 years ago! I’ve loved it my whole life and dreamed of going to such a fabulous place with exciting people dressed in such beautiful costumes. I was just looking at it one day (I don’t know why – I wasn’t dusting the buffet in front of it) when it occurred to me to see how photos of different parts of it would look. I love it, but am wondering if anyone else would like it.

I’m almost through reading the John Lennon book and I’m almost sorry I read it. It has completely blown up every fairy tale fed to us about all of the Beatles. If you ask me now who the most human of the four was, I’d tell you George Harrison followed by Ringo. Wow – the McCartney/Lennon “partnership” was amazing in that they wrote anything together. John’s childhood was worse than I ever knew, but he was someone who chose to repeat the past with his first wife, Cynthia, and their son, Julian. Now I want to read HER books.

The book is also very tedious if you aren’t familiar with the actual recording process – tracks, looping, etc. The author is very fond of long narrative about those processes on every Beatles’ album – zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

It was interesting that as I’m finishing the horror of John Lennon (they’re in NY now – he is somewhat redeeming himself), I watched the documentary “Buck.” It just mesmerized me. Buck was the inspiration for Robert Redford’s character in the movie “The Horse Whisperer.” The man is the polar opposite to Lennon. His childhood was far, far worse and he chose to learn from it and never, ever fall victim to it. His magic with horses is real. The reason is deceptively simple. He respects them. As any mother can “feel” her child’s emotion as he or she goes from infant to toddler, he “feels” a horse’s move.

He chose to respect the goodness of people, too. His career is a marvel and his total commitment to his family is heartening. At the end of the movie, as the credits were rolling, a song was playing that I could understand just enough of to cry – in a cathartic way. I looked it up and was blown away to read that it was a Pearl Jam song. Not any Pearl Jam I remember! Here is a link, but I’m aware that some German readers won’t be able to access it. The name of the song is “Just Breathe.”

If you hover over the photo, a menu bar will show at the top right. Click on “more info” for the lyrics.

Lots went on at work, but nothing I want to dwell upon. Corporate life is something I’m very anxious to leave in my past.

One last thought. I light a candle and say a prayer for my friend, Deborah’s, mother who died peacefully at the end of this week. That is about all any of us can ask for.

Enjoy the cards and, I hope, the song.

As always – with hugs,

~ by Wheeler on June 10, 2012.

2 Responses to “May went where??”

  1. love the Venice carnival postcard – looks amazing! I’m sure the book you are reading is like all those reports/books about Elvis…i’m sure the truth needs to be recorded somewhere but i like to remember him as he was in his glory when he did his comeback – black leather Elvis – and for his great music. I’m sure he would have had a better life and gone even farther if his manager and the people around him had been better people. but i guess that’s all part of the negative side of showbiz.
    were you going to post the postcards you got/sent in May in a different post? i do like seeing those – you always get/send the best postcards. 🙂

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