I think I lost June

Some months it’s just best to bid them goodbye and don’t look back. That was June for me. And just when I thought it was getting really bad, something amazing happened. Friends of mine and folks who are in my Postcrossing round robin groups began sending me RAS (Random Acts of Smiles) cards. First a couple and I thought, “That’s really nice.”

Every day brought more, and more still and more after more! I’ve received cards from a huge number of countries – all with the theme “We Love You, Michelle.” Wow. I mean WOW. Beautiful cards, funny cards, cards that make you immediately Google the person/place/thing. Some came in handmade envelopes that were carefully opened as not to ruin them and others arrived with the most amazing stamps.

And they all contained the kindest thoughts, quotes and feeling from people I know and many of their friends who sent just because they thought I needed a “cheering up.” Three special people organized this outpouring of kindness – Andy from the UK, Rose from Canada and Ines from Germany. Such caring is to be embraced and cherished.

My family’s “radar” kicked in and once again, they came to the aid of the “kid” sister! So June slipped off the calendar and July has been full of support and encouragement. Most of the time I don’t understand life, but I’ve learned to enjoy the good when it’s hanging around my neighborhood.

My trip to Canada is now only a month away. I’m excited, but nervous. Can I really stay away from a computer for 10 days? I guess we will find out. I do know that I am looking forward to the cooler weather! Will be hard to come back to a baked Texas!

Special thoughts and prayers go to Sophie, Christine and Rebecca. I wish upon a star for all of you every night!

I can’t close without saying that my heart and love go to the families of the victims of the Aurora, Colorado, and the Ontario Mall shootings. Senseless, tragic and not to be explained in a form you and I can possibly understand because we aren’t wired with cold, evil, twisted patterns in our brains. Instead, we are wired to remember those lost and those changed forever.

Please enjoy the cards – I know I did!


My June Comings
My June Goings

~ by Wheeler on July 22, 2012.

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