Suddenly September

Busy month! There’s an election going on over here in the US and that’s always the best show in town, sometimes a comedy and sometimes a slasher movie! I don’t choose to use this little get-together as a political forum, but I must give a nod to all newspaper editorial cartoonists, because they’ve had great material and have been brilliant capturing the absurdity on every level.

Just as September closed for the year, the Great State Fair of Texas began – and it was nearly flooded by the rain that started the day it opened. The fair’s iconic greeter – Big Tex – didn’t have his 60th birthday party. Big Tex is a huge figure that made his debut at the 1952 fair. He sports a size 70-gallon cowboy hat and stands 52 feet tall. In 1953, they added the voice of the State Fair of Texas. BT still greets visitors with a booming, “Howdy, folks!”

Big Tex’s voice has changed a bit and his clothes are updated every few years. His belt buckle is now a giant advertisement as are the pockets on his shirt and jeans. But he still towers over the visitors and children still crane their necks and gape with wonder at this behemoth. I love him. He is part of the good memories of my childhood. Trying to win goldfish, stuffed toys, trinkets was the stuff of dreams. Today, traditions such as the State Fair corned dog and funnel cakes still pack on the weight, but oh so deliciously! Kids have too many sodas or too much lemonade, while adult kids partake of a stronger brew.

It hosts long-time rival football games – pigskin football – such as Texas Longhorns vs University of Oklahoma Sooners. My family grows horns every September – true Longhorns. The Fair is also home to spectacular art deco buildings, museums, new car exhibitions, food contests, livestock shows – it is pure Texas. If you’re ever here the first three weeks of October, you have to visit.

I’m still sorting and editing photos from our Canada trip. I got some I really liked – especially for a plain little digital camera! I had to laugh – the first hundred or so were trees. And trees. River. Trees. I’m not sure how many I took, but the Buchart Gardens on Victoria Island almost took an entire memory card. I do look forward to sharing some. I think you’ll enjoy the Plaster Man, Emily Carr’s sculpture with her pet monkey and dog, the bizarre and out-of-a-Stephen-King-novel trees at the Empress Hotel and, of course, flowers, more trees and more water.

If I was a really talented photographer like my dear friend, Minnasusanne, I would be selling my work on my own new site! Minna put together a collection of amazing photos that she’s taken, friends have taken, old family photos and put them in postcard books – or single cards! Take a look for yourself – these cards are stunning and I don’t say that because Minna is a rare find in this online friends world. Go look and if you like what you see, please patronize her new enterprise!

For reasons unknown, I can’t get the link to show up on WordPress. Please copy and paste:

Hugs, Minna and good luck!

October always seems like a big month for me and my family. I start this one with a bit of surgery – nothing major – and then we have aforementioned football games along with some birthdays to celebrate. The month truly closes out the summer and the autumn feel flows though opened doors and windows. Our arboretum has an amazing pumpkin patch of many species in the gourd family. I believe there are as many as 50,000 on the grounds. People are already putting out Halloween decorations with more to come as the days pass.

The month not only brought some cooler weather, but even cooler cards in my mailbox! As always, they cover the spectrum of touristy to my-side-hurts-from-laughing funny. I believe you’ll get a chuckle or two and be amazed at all the trees and water on our little planet.

Enjoy and I look forward to spending a moment with you after Halloween!

With hugs,

Stunning September
Sent in September

~ by Wheeler on October 14, 2012.

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