October – Over and Out!

Forget October! According to the retail stores, we should have barely noticed October. They want us to skip November altogether and dive headfirst into Christmas! I wish they’d look at their calendars every now and again. I resent having my panic button pushed earlier and earlier every year.

My October was mostly filled with doctor appointments and a one-night stay in hospital. I had my first-ever stress test and one is just fine. Good news is my heart is normal and strong! I am now without a gallbladder and so far, haven’t missed it. I truly have grown to detest waiting in doctors’ offices. This round of physicians’ waiting room tables tended to be stacked with “guys” magazines – “Field & Stream,” “Big Trucks,” “Men’s Health.” What’s with that? I was lucky to find a stray 1985 National Geographic. While I’m waiting, I want the opportunity to openly read the dirt on celebrities in “People” or “US.” I did learn very quickly that you should always take your Kindle or Nook with you on these visits. Have I mentioned that I am a dinosaur and still don’t have a smart phone? I only want them when bored – and Kindle is a lot cheaper!

We did celebrate Halloween in a big way at work. 3 floors of our building go all out with decorations and the day before Halloween, people with kids bring them in full costume to “Trick or Treat.” Here are just a few pictures of the fun!

Halloween at MKI

Of course, almost everything in the U.S. was about the election. Red versus blue, Dems versus Reps, point here, point there. He said this, no I didn’t say that; yes, he said that. Thank heavens it is over. I will just say that I was very relieved by the outcome. Immensely relieved!

Thanksgiving is less than a week away. I have wonderful memories of big family gatherings, but mine will be small and intimate. Just me and 3 cats! It’s very easy on the oven and budget. I still like the holiday more than any other. I look at it as the “Golden Rule” of the holidays. Remember the good things that make your life what it is. Reflect on your family – pull out old pictures, tell funny stories about people no longer in your physical life.

Enjoy your good fortunes, and if you are in the US, take a nap so you can line up in front of the Big Box Retailers at 8 p.m. Thanksgiving night for that super deal they’ve been advertising every thirty minutes since October 1. You may want to read the fine print in the ads while you’re waiting. “Limited number” means the store has only 2 of the TV set you want available. If you’re 140th in line, you can go home. We’ll talk about the Golden Rule when you get back.

I gave up hosting one of my Postcrossing Round Robins. It took me a while to finally decide that the group was too large and was becoming a full-time job. My rule has always been that if a hobby becomes a job and not fun, hand it over to someone with a new enthusiasm. Weird though. It’s akin to selling your house. You’re tired of it, want to unload it and someone buys it. Great, right? But you drive by it a little while later and see new plants, new paint color, new door and you’re sad. You may like all those changes, but you didn’t realize that it would give a little pain to your heart to see so many traces of you just gone.

I experienced my 15 minutes of fame. Postcrossing.com has a blog that, among other topics, interviews various members. I was excited and stunned to get an email asking me to participate. So, I’ll do a little bragging by sharing it with you! http://www.postcrossing.com/blog/2012/11/04/postcrossing-spotlight-michellew-from-texas-usa#comments (You’ll need to copy/paste to your browser.)

Cards came in and flew out of the mailbox. There are a few that should truly make you chuckle, if not laugh out loud!


Outrageous October
October Outward Bound

~ by Wheeler on November 18, 2012.

2 Responses to “October – Over and Out!”

  1. No. Your old house will NEVER be the same again. NEVER be so much filled with joy, laughter and tons of color you applied to it.
    You’re the best.

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