November to now

I wish I’d posted my mostly daft ramblings before now.  It would have been so much easier to write.

I would have carried on with my post-Thanksgiving retail rant.  I probably would have whined a bit more about the materialization of a religious holiday.  I might have had one or two cat stories – or maybe shared with you my “most bizarre injury I’ve ever had” tale.  I am positive I would have done a lot of gloating about our election.

I may have, but I won’t now.  The unbelievably tragic event that devastated a small town over 1,000 miles from me has, for now, left me numb.  It’s difficult for me to understand on any level.  I can’t read or watch the news.  I think that when I reflect upon all the mass-killings in the US and other countries this year, I’m not wondering so much about guns, but how we continually fail, or turn a blind eye to the people who are so desperately dangerous to themselves and others.  We are paying a high price here.

So I will simply share my cards and wish everyone the joy of family and friends.



November Notables

November Outbox

~ by Wheeler on December 19, 2012.

One Response to “November to now”

  1. Nice post. Wishing you some level of peace and joy this holiday season.

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